Chill Time at Cafe Dot

'Cafe culture’ is somewhat an alien concept for my city. Of course we have the usual CCDs (Cafe Coffee Day) and Baristas but there has always been a dearth of good cafes in Patna. So when I got to know about Cafe Dot through Instagram, I was pretty excited about checking out the place.  My... Continue Reading →


Unveiling the History of Patna’s Gandhi Maidan

Wondering why I've chosen to write a blog about a ‘maidan’ in my city? That’s because Patna’s Gandhi Maidan is not just any other ground. Spanning an area of about 60 acres, this sprawling ground not only has the world’s tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi but it has also been witness to various historic events.... Continue Reading →

Dog care & more, only at Just Dogs

There are like a gazillion new things happening in Patna and I am trying my best to keep up. Recently, I got to know about Just Dogs, an upscale pet store and spa franchise in the city that offers dog-related services under one roof. Considering metros have dog cafes, ‘dabba’ services, rock shows and even... Continue Reading →

America on Your Platter with a Desi Twist

Genuine Broaster Chicken’s outlet in Patna is ‘genuinely’ one of the most attractive places to dine at. From gorgeous interiors to good food and beverages, it’s a place worth visiting if you are tired of the same ol' restaurant ambience. Seemingly, a lot of Patnaites have been swarming this place that has acquired cult status... Continue Reading →

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