Don’t you get bored in Patna?

I moved back to Patna 5 years ago and this question has followed me since then. From friends and colleagues to even relatives, almost everyone has asked me this question, wanting to know if it’s possible to survive in Patna after working in Pune for 8 years.

My answer has always been a big YES! 🙂

The fact that I am a Bihari (born, brought up and studied in Patna) coming back to my base was a cakewalk…Yes, I know of people who wouldn’t do this even if they got a good opportunity but for me, it has been the best decision of my life!

Since I work as a freelancer, moving back to my city wasn’t difficult as far as work is concerned. There is no denying that there are limited jobs in certain fields (reason why many youngsters from Patna move out for a good job), but there are opportunities…you just need to find one!

As far as the ‘hanging out’ bit is concerned, there’s plenty that this city can offer. There was a time when Patna needed options but today, it has plenty. From fine dine restaurants and premier hotels to shopping and entertainment avenues, you name it we have it.

I feel whether it is Patna or Pune, everything depends on our expectation from that city. You may leave Delhi to take up a dream job in the US or leave your dream job in the US to open a small café and settle down in Goa. In the end, what you want from a city will decide where you will end up.

So, the next time you are visiting Patna for a friend’s marriage or planning to come back for good, it’d be great if you come with an open mind because this city will surely welcome you with open arms.

PS: Ours is a dry state (just in case you started planning a trip already :P)

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  1. very well written…i totally agree wth for those who r working wil find it hard to settle in Patna.job prospect is very low.higher studies ka bhi thoda prob hai…bt over all i too love Patna.wnt to settle here as soon as possible.miss u dost.


  2. every city has a charm of its own and specially the city where you belong to…. the impression of bihar also carries for Patna and may be your blog changes the perception….. and yes… Bihar is a dry state but the warm river of affection and respect for tourist should flow in every ones heart…..

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  3. Been once to Patna as a kiddo and once for work in 2015. It looks a bit rustic in many places (so does Kolkata, my home city), but might be good if one stays. The new flyovers were a plus, but the airport definitely needs to upgrade.
    Ranchi,where I live, has flavours of Bihar too, with more than its fair share of bumpkins and also enlightened, cultured people, but yes, I miss Pune- that was one place that stole my heart ! My doctor host in 2015, who had moved to Patna from Pune was missing Aamchi Pune badly. I would give Pune a blind shot once again if I had the opportunity !
    I do love Litti Chokha. It’s tasty, healthy, better than any burger-pizza, easy on the pocket and widely available. And yes, Chhat is colourful and I love catching it on my lens each year. Ram Navami is raucous but worth a peek if you can keep yourself safe .Durga Puja is bit rustic compared to Bengal, but worth a dekko.
    I think people like you moving back to Bihar from outside have the most important role in forging the Bihari identity to one of admiration from its current state.There is no reason why it shouldn’t be so ;after all, Bihar was the cradle of Indian civilization and culture in ancient days.

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